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Local Action Group – Elhovo is established on 21 of April 2010 from 58 individuals and entities under the terms and conditions of the Law on Non-Profit association as a public benefit. Established as a public-private partnership in the of Axis 4 LEADER of Rural Development Programme (2007-2013), LAG-Elhovo is an independent voluntary organization of local officials, business and non-profit sector of the municipality of Elhovo based on the principles of equality and mutual assistance.

Local Action Group – Elhovo operates in the municipality of Elhovo, region Yambol, Republic of Bulgaria. The territory of LAG – Elhovo fully coincides with the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Elhovo and covers all 22 settlements in the municipality.

LAG-Elhovo covers about 702 square kilometers of land (271 square miles) and is located in the southeastern part of the peripheral of the Republic of Bulgaria, located in the southern part of the Yambol region includes lands from the middle reaches of the Tundzha river. The south border of the territory coincides with the border of the Republic of Bulgaria with Turkey.